Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Kansas and Fibro

First of all mom and I went to Laurence, Kansas for a girls weekend!!! We had so much fun. Ron and David were sweet enough to watch the little ones for us so we could go. Savy stayed the whole weekend with her Poppy(Ron) and the baby stayed with David. I swear, we could not ask for better spouses!! Mom and I left Friday about 1:00 and got there around six. We checked in and went to dinner. Ron gave us 2 $20 gift cards he got from his work as a gift to Chilis so we even ate for free!! We then spent a fabulous relaxing evening knitting together in our room. The next morning...you guessed it...The Yarn Barn. It was a great store but I have to say that we have better ones here. Inventory and staff! It did seem to be a great place for spinning but we do not do that so we were out of luck. We did however manage to spend 4 hours in the store and come out with some yarn.

I picked up some KOIGU sock yarn in greys and mauves which just so happened to match the yarn I got for a sweater.
The sweater is a fair isle on the front of one of the Interweave knits magazines. I did switch out the yarns. Though it is yarn I can find in OK, I have not seen all these colors so I promise I am not trying to leave out my lovely LYS. I am excited about both projects though I will not start either for a little while. I have too many other things working right now.
The rest of the day was spent walking up and down the cutest dowtown area filled with every shop you can think of! I got an awesome pair of clogs for myself, a couple of goodies for David and Dax and some B-day stuff for Savy. Mom and I were exhausted so we went to the hotel and took a dip in the hot tub then got a take out order from Chilis and spent the rest of the night knitting.
I can not think of a better weekend. It doesn't hurt that I was with my best friend(my mommy). Yes..she is still and always will be my mommy. But now she is my best friend too! How lucky I am.

I am also working on a sweater for myself out of Di've Autunno which I had to frog. I did however get to keep the sleeves.
I am working on a summer pullover for Savy in purple and pink Love it.
I cast on a sock out of Ballet on the way to Kansas that looks a little strange right now because I am doing a tight knit with an 8 in cuff.
I picked up all the stuff to do the Ola blanket in mission falls cotton at Gourmet.
Last time I was at Gourmet I picked up some comfort to do the cabled sweater in the fall Interweave magazine too. Oh, I also just finished the winter sock out of the Baby Alpaca from Gourmet. I can't take a pic of those b/c I had to wear them on our girls weekend trip and they need to be handwashed. Whew!! As you can see, I need to get busy. This does not even count the other 5-10 projects lurking in bags behing my chair.
On the fibro side. The Lyrica is helping some but not completely. I still have pain everyday with exhaustion but it has decreased. Some days are bad and some days are horrid. That is pretty much as good as it gets. I did get some information from a wonderful lady who found my blog from SP10. She has fibromyalgia too and is now med free by changing living habits such as diet and excercise. I have started trying to slowly implement these changes she made. I will be replacing food in my cabinet as it runs out with whole wheat/whole grains. We have also started trying to eat more natural. I am sure you all do not want the details but I sure hope it works. It might even help Dax some. He has been acting out quite a bit. I know most of this is because he is a 16 mo old little boy but some may be food. We will see. So thank you to her for taking the time out of her life to try and help me. Most people you know don't do that, much less those that don't know you at all. She must be an angel.
I can't wait for Halloween tomorrow night and Savy's 6th Birthday party Saturday. I can not believe my baby girl is going to be six. Well..more about that with pics next time.
I hope you are all doing fab!!

Monday, October 15, 2007

Bad Camera

I am having camera problems so still no pics. I have been bad about taking them lately anyway but now that I can't it is very irritating. Especially since I can not post pics on ravlery! Hopefully I get it squared away soon.

On the knitting front I am almost done with a sweater for me done in di've Autunno. Oh....it is so soft. I can not wait to wear it. I am also working on a v-neck for Savy. It is pink and purple stripes done it calmer i think. I don't feel like going to look. It is going to be pretty large on her but she can grow into it. And of course I had to buy yarn for a double pattern...The ola blanket done it Mission Falls cotton. There are also many other things on the needles but I am forcing myslef to start finishing. I keep having to buy more bags to put my wips in. It is getting pretty ridiculous!

The kids are amazing as always. Savy loves kindergarten and wishes she could go all day. She is already starting to read! I am so proud of her! Daxton is into everything!! Boys are absolutely different than girls. He just wears me out. At 15 months old he climbs up the tv cabinet, pushes his scooter over to the kitchen table and gets on top, etc, etc... He also has really discovered his voice. He loves to hear himself yell..much to my dismay! :)

Still trying to deal with this whole fibromyalgia thing. I am so lucky that is was not something degenerative!!! Still...this is so hard. All the dreams I had seemed to come crashing down. My worst fear...to be the sick mom! That is not who I want to be. I was the do-it-all mom. Leading campfire, helping at school, going to school myself, the neighborhood playhouse, etc.. There are so many lifestyle changes to make and I feel overwhelmed. And then there is the fibro fog...the memory problems. I used to remember everyhing in my head. A million things to do all organized neatly there. Now I can not remember to pay the bills or take apples to savy's school for a project. Sometimes the pain is so bad I want to cry..all the while chasing Daxton around the house. I am at a loss on how to handle it all, which changes to make, which to make first, how to still be the BEST mom, and how to keep up with Daxton! And through it all I think my sensitivity to noise is one of the worst things. Everytime the kids yell or the baby screams I fell like I am going insane. Oh how I wish to just be me again. Just simply me, no improvements or embelishments. Just the old me would do. I still try to pretend so now one knows too much. I don't want to be the charity case or the sick one. I just wish it would go away. Enough already...I know.

We are going to the pumpkin patch with the kids next weekend so celebrate all the birthdays. I can't wait. I better get the camera fixed by then.

I love ravelry!!!

I will try to post more often...and not whine.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Back again

OK..so my posts will probably be random but here I am. I had a bad couple of days so David just brought my the laptop mom gave me a while back so I could be online from my fav chair. I can not stand to sit in our office chair at the desktop for very long. I have been playing around a little on ravelry and already love it. Mom came over today to help me out. She is so amazing. I only wish to be half the mother she is. I am excited about our Learn to Knit night coming up. There were several women in our mom's group of moore who were interested in learning so I set up a night for us to get together at one of the LYS. I am very excited about it. A friend of mine also sent out an email to the Norman group she is a part of. I think we have about 4-5 women wanting to learn at this point. I think it will be so much fun. Of course..no pics yet but I will post some soon. Mom should be posting some in the next few days on her blog from a family get together the other night. Well, short and sweet for now. Knit on!

Sunday, September 30, 2007


I am so excited! I finally got an invite to ravelry. I am sure I will be spending way too much time on there in the upcoming days. I am so sorry that I have not posted in so long. I have been sick and blogging was just way down on my list of priorities. Thankfully the new medicine they gave me is starting to help so the old Amanda is slowly emerging. Hopefully with a little time I will be back to taking pics, blogging, and and getting into all sorts of things I shouldn't. For now that is all but I plan on blogging again soon. Maybe even tomorrow if I feel good. Have a great day!!

Sunday, July 15, 2007

motor home

Savannah is home after a fun filled weekend with MiMi and Poppy in their motor home. You will have to check out her blog in the next few days for pics. They found a place real close to home that was just great for a quick getaway. The RV park had an indoor pool and everything. It was in town so Sat they went to Whitewater as well. We met them this afternoon to pick up Savy and let Dax swim for a while as well. I think that was the most fun she has had in a while. Next weekend we are all going to Turner Falls. David and I are going to stay in his Dad's cabin but I am sure Savy will want to sleep in the motor home. My sister and brother-in-law are meeting us as well. I know we will have a blast.

Savy has started ice skating lessons. She loves it! I didn't get very good pics last time but I will try to get some better ones on Tuesday night.

Since Savy is out of school we have started doing more with the mom's group and I have finally found a friend my age with kids!! Thank goodness. I had just about given up hope. For some reason I never get along with many girls my age that I meet. She and I seem to have a lot in common and have the same "core" as far as child rearing and things like that go. We seem to get along like old friends. I am so very glad to have met her.

I am working on the Mystery Stole 3 but it is slow going. I have barely started clue 2. Lace and beading just do not mesh well with a 5 year old and a 1 year old. I am also still working on the silk summer top. Of course I finished the tank but still need to do the finishing and blocking. My camera has low batteries so I will have to pick some up and replace them before I take pics.

My sp10 partner let me know that she got her last package. I will not be signing up for SP11. It was just not what all I thought it would be. The lady who got me seems very sweet and I can not wait to figure out who she is!! The package that she sent me was truly wonderfull.

I am going to call the Doctor tomorrow and see if I can get back in. I had decided not to go back but with proding from family I am going to call. I just got so tired of being poked and proded with no results. Maybe this time they will figure out what is wrong. I just don't want to be tired anymore.

I hope all is well with everyone!!!

Thursday, July 5, 2007


I am so bad about taking pictures lately but I do have few of the cabin David and I rented in Beavers Bend last weekend.
My mom and Ron were so awesome to watch the little ones for us so we could get some much needed R&R. It was fabulous. The cabin had its own hot tub and was very private. Do to all the relaxing we did, we didn't really take advantage of all the great things to do there but I hope to go back. We did go over to Girls Gone Wine and bought some great wine made with green apples. They had the best gift shop as well.

We had a great time on July 4th. My mom, Ron, and Grandpa came over. The guys swam, except grandpa of course. We made hamburgers on the grill, fried pickles, and fruit salad. We also went to watch the fireworks. Daxton was not so excited about being up so late so one of us had to walk around with him the whole time. Here is to hoping he will enjoy it more next year.

I decided to jump on the band wagon and do the Mystery Stole 3. Mom kept at me until I agreed. She was right as always. I have never done lace or knitted with beads and I am enjoying it though it is a little hard to work on with 2 little ones around.

I hope you all had a great day yesterday. I will post again tomorrow. Hopefully!!

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Dax is 1 year old

Thank you to everyone who made such sweet comments regarding my last post!!! I know it has been awhile since I have made a post. My schedule has def changed since Savy is out of school for the summer!

We had Dax's 1st Birthday party last Saturday!

I call him Daxton the Destroyer and by did he ever destroy his cake! My step dad made the best cakes ever! Daxton even had his own little dinosaur cake!
He was a good boy through the whole party! We had a great time. I can not believe that he is already a year old.

I will be sending my last SP10 package in the next few days.

David and I have rented a cabin to get some much needed R&R this weekend. Mom is watching the little ones. I will miss them but I can not wait! The cabin even has a hot tub. YAY!! I will post some pics when we get back.

I also need to post some knitting pics. I finished the summer tank but still need to do the finishing and I have decided to do a crochet edging on the neck. The yarn was very slippery and that made the bind off around the neck look very unclean. I have started another summer top from some silk I picked up at the new knitting store in Norman. I am really liking it.

I have to go put the pork in the crock pot for dinner. I promise I will start posting more.

Thursday, June 7, 2007

How sad

What do you say when there are no words. Someone who has changed and not for the better. Someone who taught you to respect your elders, that blood is thicker than water, who you knew would always protect you. Now they are hurtfull to everyone and see no wrong in what they say or do. How do you say what needs to be said? How do you break a bond with someone you have tried your whole life to please..to hear them say they are proud? How sad to know that there is nothing you can say to make them see. Make them understand what they are about to loose. So much that they should hold dear. How angry I am..how hurt I am...how sad I am!!! Somehow I could look past all the mean things said to me though I can never forget, but now...it is too much to see the hurt he brings to people I love. I fear that he might someday say hurtfull things to my kids. That I can not allow. So we will meet to "work it out"! I know it will not work. I am ready for more hurtfull things to be said that day. I know I will say hurtfull things back. Things he will not want to hear. I wish it did not have to be this way. How does someone change so much? How does their "core" vanish without a trace? I will never understand how someone can be so hurtfull to people that love them so. He has made the rounds through everyone. No one makes him responsible for the hurt he causes. Now it must be done. I just wish it did not have to be me! Even still..I love him and I will miss him. After all he is my Dad.

Sorry to all who read this. I usually do not talk about "personal issues" on here. It is late. I can not sleep again. My mind was full and aching. I had to talk. Maybe now I can sleep. Tomorrow will be a good day. A day spent loving on my babies.

Friday, June 1, 2007

Memorial Day

I am finally back from Odessa. My grandfather was released from the hospital. He still has pneumonia but is doing better. I wish so much that I lived closer to them. I miss them so much.

Savy finished Pre-K and is both happy and sad at the same time. We have several things planned for her this summer so I know she will have a blast.

We spent Mem Day with my mom and Ron.
Dax and Savy had a blast in the sand box and we feasted upon bratwurst, potato salad, and baked beans.
We had a wonderful time as usual!!!

Last night Savy had her dance rehearsal. I am sure my mom will post pics on her next blog. Our camera died but we did get video. Yay.

I finally finished the Reggia silk socks. I will post a pic later. I also finished the front of the summer tank I wanted to do. Of course, I will post it later too.

Need to go get lunch started. David will be here in 45 min.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Out of Town

Just a quick post for my SP partner and others that I am going out of town for a few days. I will be back late Friday night. My grandpa is in the hospital and I am flying in to Odessa to stay with my grandma for a few days. I will make a post when I get back. I hope all is well with everyone.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Feeling better

No pics today! I am finally feeling better! We had campfire last night and it was great as always. Next week is the last one. I am sure going to miss those kids! I really loved running the group but I have decided not to do it next year. I think I just had too much on my plate this year. Once Dax is a little older I might consider running a group again, we will see. I want to have more time to relax with the fam instead of feeling stretched so thin. I am going to take an online summer class. I am a little worried about doing it online but it will give me a chance to continue without needing to be in class 2 nights a week. Savy's dance and campfire are almost over so Mon, Tues, & Wed nights will be free again. I am hoping we can start going to church on Wed nights again. Savy just loved going to dinner and Family Fun Zone on Wed nights. I know she misses it.

I finished the leg on the other Regia silk sock. I have not been knitting much since I was sick so I have not gotten a lot done. Since I am at the heel flap I think I will put it aside and do some charity knitting before Guild on Sunday.

Mother's Day was the best! I just don't understand those moms that think mother's day should be a day for "themselves", away from their children and family. We wouldn't be mothers without our children. How can you celebrate mother's day without your kids!!! It is so sad how many times I hear moms acting like they lost their lives when they had their kids. Sure it is hard, very hard!! But it is amazing and wonderful and full of a love that can not be explained! You should never have children if you are going to resent the change in your life! Anyway, I will get off my soap box now! Check out my mom's blog for pics of Mulberry picking and sandbox fun on mother's day! Now..on to the daily routine. Catch you all later!

Saturday, May 12, 2007


YAY!!! I just got the most awesome package in the mail this morning from my SP!
It could not have come at a better time! I have been very sick and feeling blah! Yesterday mom came to help with the kids and brought me roses and now this! All right before mother's day!
My SP sent me a really cute smiley measuring tape (I always need these), an awesome cinabon candle that is already smelling up the whole house! Yum Yum! I forgot to get a pic of the candle. She also sent a beautiful fan made by the same company who made the candle.
Some truffles that I have have already eaten 3 of. They are sooo good! Two skeins of Lorna's Laces which I have yet to ever try but have been wanting to for quite a while. The colorway is awesome! She also sent a hank of Malabrigo which I have never tried either. I am so excited!!!!
And last but not least, she acutally knitted me a bracelet! It is soo cool! I have never seen anything like it. I wish the pictures turned out better! It is very intricate and the beading is amazing! I don't think I could ever do it myself!
All there is left to say is that my SP ROCKS!!!! I must have gotten the best partner out of all the participants. I could not have imagined such an awesome package! I loved everything in it and will use it all! Sorry if my post is a little off. The meds I am taking are taking a toll on me. I need to go rest for a while. Thank you again SP you are an angel. Thank you for making such an effort to find things I would just love. You went so above and beyond!!! I hope all is well with you!

Tuesday, May 8, 2007


Yay!! I have an SP10 package on the way!! Thank you SP. I can not wait to get it! I was soo excited about being a part of SP10 but it has been hard to stay that way! I wish I knew who you were. The partner that I got has not made a blog post in 2 months and only responds to my emails sometimes. When she does it is weeks later. She didn't even let me know she recieved the first present I sent until about 2 weeks later and it was a one sentence email. It makes it so hard to want to go out of the way to find neat fun stuff for her! I have had her next package ready for a while but wanted to add some more stuff. I may just send it anyway. It is hard to know what to put in there when she does not make any posts. OH well, that is just the way it goes sometimes!

Things have been so crazy! Daxton has had a cold again for about 2-3 weeks and we found out he has ear infections in both ears again. They recommended he see a specialist about allergies and possible tubes in his ears. He goes on the 24th. The antibiotic upset his stomach last night and he just cried and cried. I felt so bad for him. He finally calmed down after I took him on a walk at 9:00 last night up and down our street about 4 times. It just broke my heart to hear him cry in pain like that!! I feel like he has been sick so much and I just hate it. It makes me sad! I have to keep reminding myself that they are just colds and he is a trooper. It doesn't even seem to faze him. He is into everything:) With all that going on I somehow ended up with strep throat. I felt so bad I didn't even knit all weekend. David was a dream and did everything for the kids so I could rest. He is just amazing! I love him more and more each day!

I had an interesting morning with all the rain. We had 5 of the neighborhood kids come wait for the bus at our house because of the rain. I went to change Dax's diaper and while I was in the other room they all missed the bus! I just about died! I had to go out in the pouring rain and get the campfire tubs out of the back of my car so they could all pack into the back. With 2 of the girls arguing it was and interesting morning to say the least! I love them all to death but they can be pills. The kids are all a lot older than my daughter and they get into arguments all the time. Little girs are so funny! They get mad at each other over the silliest things. As tiring as it all is...I am glad they come here instead of Savy going to their houses. It is amazing what you hear from children!! You are not sure what to believe but I feel better with them playing at my house that is for sure! I am starting to figure out that I need to have food for many in the house because there are a few that seem to always show up at meal time! It really makes me wonder!! Anyway, I am just glad that they feel happy to be here no matter what their home situations are like. The "normal" family seems to be scarce these days!

Hopefully I will get some knitting done soon. I need to start on the second Reggia sock and finish a sqare then I am going to start a summer tank. I will post some more tomorrow before I bore everyone to tears!!:)

Monday, April 30, 2007

Weekend in the Yard

We finally got around to making the yard presentable. Right after David and I got married I got very sick and then preggie. Since then we have not exactly taken care of the yard. Because of the overgrowth we basically had to just start over. We finished the front yesterday afternoon.
Now that we have a clean slate I can not wait to make it my own! I have not decided exactly what I am going to do yet! I know that I am going to plant hydrangeas (is the spelling right?). I just love them. Other than that, we will see. It will be a while because I had to put down weed and grass killer.
Now we have to tackle the back. There are 3 small flower beds and one very large one surrounding the pond. The pond of course is another story. The pump quit working last summer and we did not remedy that so we have to drain it and start over as well. I will post some pics of the bag when we get it lined and mulched. I am tired but happy about getting it done and the possibilities are endless!

On the knitting front I am working on some socks in Regia silk. I love the feel of them. They have a cable running down each side. It is hard to see in the pics because I am using such a dark color but here they are.

We have dance class tonight and I also need to finish going through Savy's clothes and toys for the garage sale mom and I are trying to get together. There is always so much to do! I just try to take one thing at a time!

Last but not least...here is Lady Bug in all her shaved glory!

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Motherhood uncensored

For any of you who are like me and have children, used to, or are thinking about it. You have to check out this blog. motherhooduncensored.typepad.com

I recently stumbled upon this site and it is exactly what you might think. Everything we want to say out loud but never do!! I can relate and I laugh everytime I read it! All of our shamefull truths and secrets said out loud for all to read. She has guts! Anyway, I have a luncheon at the school today. It is an appreciation lunch for parents who help out at school. Since I stay home I am lucky enough to be able to help out some. Not as much as I would like since I have little Dax but I wouldn't trade him for the world. Mom is going to watch the kids while I go. The maid is coming today too! All hail the maid!! She does an OK job but not great. If anyone knows someone who rocks let me know! Every little bit helps anyway. I spend pretty much all day going around behind little ones picking up I don't know how I would ever have time to make sure the dust bunnies or the bath tub are clean. I can barely keep my son from splashing in the toilet much less clean it! I know...how gross. We know have to keep all bathroom doors shut. Of course this is almost impossible with a 5 year old little girl. Anyway, got to go. Have a great day!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Two finished projects

Sorry again for not posting as often as I should. It seems so crazy lately. I did finish two projects the last few days. First, the infamous Yartini socks. I used the jellybean pattern toe up. I can't wait to wash & wear them!
I also finished my first square for the heritage afghan mom and I are doing together. I started with the green. Of course it still needs to be blocked. I will worry about that later.
My next sqare will be in the beige. I am so excited about this project! I can not wait to see the finished project. To have something in the family that mom and I knitted together will mean so much to me! She is my best friend and I am so lucky that we share so many common interests.
So...WOW!! As of this moment I have nothing on the needles. What a horror! Of course I have plans for 3. I am going to start the next above mentioned square, another pair of socks (silk), and a summer tank made with some Rio my mom picked up for me. Yes, I am becoming a yarn snob and do not buy novelty or man made yarns much anymore but the Rio is so soft. It is 100% viscose with some very pretty var colors. So I guess as long as it feels good on my bod then who cares if a man or a sheep made it!LOL

We have campfire tonight if it does not storm. I do not want the kids and their parents driving when it is stormy just to go to campfire. I would just die of something happened to any of them. If all goes well we are going to plant some watermelon seeds. I think they will have fun with that. For snack time...you guessed it...watermelon. I also have some learning pages on how plants grow and what types have seeds. Savy already started growing some kind of bean at school and she just loves it!

I can't wait for my summer school to start! I am trying an online class. We will see how it goes. I will miss being in the class room itself. It is a little break from mommyhood you know. However, I wanted to try an online class and see how it goes. I am taking a math and David is a master at any kind of math or science so it should be fine. He is also a fabulous teacher (very patient). We have talked about him tutoring some time because he is so great at it. I actually hate math!!!! It is a necessary evil.

That is all for now or you will be reading a book. Of course I never run out of things to say but I will save some for later.

Hoping all is well with my SP pals. I was going to send my next package out but I stupidly left the box open and my cat got the lace weight yarn I was sending her!! I may send it anyway because it was pretty full. I can just send her some yarn next time! Dumb cat!!! Have a great day!!!!!!

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

A new mohawk

This week is going well. I really enjoyed myself at Knitting Guild on Sunday. I took some pics that will be posted on the blog. I just need to email them. We voted to become affiliated with the NGuild. I think it will be great! The more we get out there the more members we will have, the more good we will do, etc.. Everyone was in great spirits and the overall mood was terrific. There were 3 newbies that hung around for awhile after the meeting. They also joined up and payed there vdues. I am so excited!

We had Campfire Kids tonight. All the kids were so good. We had an ocean theme. They all seemed excited and interested. I am always so happy when they have a good time. I think that we are going to plant seeds next week and talk about plants. I hope they have as much fun as they did tonight.

I cast on my first square for the heritage afghan that mom and I are doing. I will post a pic next time. I am also working on the foot for the toe up jelly bean sock in yartini. I can't wait to wear them.

Ok...here they are. The cutest pics ever! Well, I am his mommy so of course I think that.

Have a great night!

Friday, April 13, 2007

Dance pics

It has been way too long since I have made a post. A big sorry to my SP10 pal!! Let me see..

I will start with Easter. We went to mom's for Easter dinner which was awesome as always.
The Easter bunny decided to hide the eggs at mom's since he knew we would be there all day!LOL The kids had such a great time! Dax found heaven in my mom's tupperware cabinet.It was just a wonderful relaxing day.

Wed night I had to take Savy to get her dance pics made at the dance studio. It was a mad house to say the least!! This is her in her tap costume.
She looked so pretty!Then it was a mad dash to change into her ballet outfit!I really hope the pictures turn out because we had to purchase them before hand. I have never had to do that before and really did not prefer paying $90 for pictures I have not even seen. They did inform me that they have a money back guarantee. Hopefully I will not have to go there. She is pretty photogenic so it will probably be ok. Thank goodness David did not have to take her. He would have died. I have a feeling he would have just left and said he just could not take it. Fortunately I dropped my Wed night class so I was available.

The class is a whole other story. After working so hard and having a 100 average, I finally got my last old transcript in and saw that I have already taken the class. I just about fell over! I just flat didn't remember taking it. It was over 10 years ago but still...Arrgh! Oh well...at least it got me back into the grove of going to school and just helped me realize that I can do it and do it well if I try! I will be taking an online class this summer. We will see how I do when not in an actual class. As strange as it sounds..I miss class and can't wait to start my next one.

On the knitting front. I finished my first Yartini sock!! After all the hooplah on ebay auctions I just had to knit it up and see what all the insanity is about.It is really cute on and very soft. I can not wait to do the next one, wash them, and wear them. Before I do that I need to cast on a few charity knitting things. Guild is Sunday and I just hate going without taking something for the wee ones. I know that they desperately need stuff. It seems very selfish to spend time doing something for myself when there are little babies who could benefit from it as well. I need to make more time to do the charity stuff. I am also going to cast on my first square. Mom and I have decided to make a heritage blanket together. I am doing half the squares and she is doing half. I think it will be so neat to have a blanket to pass down that we made together. I will post a pic when I get going on my first square.

Tonight is parent's night out at the YMCA so David is taking me out to dinner. I can not wait! I think we are going for Hibachi! Yay! One of my favs! Oh...we ordered my ipod last night! It is my mother's day present from my sweet husband! He is so awesome. It is a pink 2nd gen 4GB apple ipod nano. I can not wait to get it! He rocks. Well, better go get a few things done. See ya!

SP...hope your house hunting went well!! Talk to you soon! Let me know if you need any ideas! Hope you and yours are fab!

Tuesday, April 3, 2007


We had a pretty good weekend. I had my weeks off and was thinking that the knit in was last weekend. Oh well, now I still have it to look forward to. Still trying to get those shorts finished but I have not been doing a lot of knitting lately. My days seem so crazy.

Sunday we went to the Midieval Fair in Norman. We had a great time. Here is a pic of Savy and MiMi riding the elephant.Yes, I know...I need to photo shop the pic. Mom and Ron brought Stoneleigh to the fair. He was so excited and got pooped out pretty quickly. As a result, he rode in the stroller with Daxton.
It was the funniest thing I have ever seen. These pics do not do it justice.
We were only out there for 3-4 hours but we all got tired and decided to head home. It is amazing how much quicker you get tired when you have children!! Sometimes I def do not feel my age! My mom always says that being a stay at home mom is the hardest job you will ever love. Boy is she right. Sometimes I think it would be nice to go back to work...a lot easier that is for sure. But Savy would just be broken hearted and I know that my heart would break as well. I would miss Dax's first steps, words, etc.. There would be no time to play with them after work. I know what it is like from being a working singel mom. You miss them so much. So for now I will "try" to relish my every moment with them and go back to work when they are in school full time. I try to remind myself that before I know it they will be too old to just "hang out" with boring, nerdy old mom. They will be here and there with their friends. Gone are the days of cuddling and wanting to sleep with me in my bed.

We have campfire kids tonight. We are going to do Fire Safety. I think the kids will have a good time. David and I found several fun games for them to play online last night.

Well, I better go..I have to finish picking up and see what I am going to make for lunch today. I need to go to the store! After lunch we need to go get easter eggs and fill them with candy for school. Then it is lessons with Savy, nap time, dinner, campfire, bath, and bed. The days just fly. David and I have been contemplating taking a mini weekend vaction. We probably won't but I like to fantasize about laying on the beach with a margarita for a weekend. TA TA

Friday, March 30, 2007


Of course...no pics again today. I will try to take some this weekend.

Savy is going to spend the night with MiMi and Poppy tonight. She can hardly wait, as always. She loves them so much!! After they pick her up I am going to try to shoot over to Mardels. Savy is in Pre-K and only goes for a couple of hours a day. She loves doing her "lessons" and we are running out. I have been doing age related workbooks with her for a couple of years and she just loves it. I want to pick up some more stuff to work on in the afternoons and this summer. It is important to me that she has a firm grasp on everything she is learning now before Kindergarten. It helps that she loves doing the workbooks! She is so smart but she is left handed and having trouble with writing. She will write backwards a lot. Her teacher had a lefty son and said he had some of the same issues. She is doing so good and I am so proud of her!!! But of course..she is my daughter so of course I think she is the best!

Saturday is the knit in! I am excited. I will try to remember to take some pics while I am there. I am so close to finishing the shorts. I am so excited! I can not wait to wear them.

I am hoping to hear from my SP pal soon. The one I send to! She has not posted in over 2 weeks and has not responded to my emails. Not even the one that says I sent her a package. I hope she is ok and just out of town. Anyway, the pal who got me seems very sweet. She is house hunting in CA. Hmmm...that is a clue to her identity! Anyway, I hope she finds the perfect home and is having a wonderful time.

The last couple of days I have been taking 2 kids from across the street to school as well. Their dad just got a job and has to leave before school starts. Their mom has always had to leave early. She came over and asked if they could come over at 7:30 then go to school with us. Savy looves this! Michelle is her best friend even though she is in 4th grade. I did find out that they have been waiting outside in the morning. I was horrified. It is still slightly dark at 7:30 and they just wait on the porch until after 8:00 when the bus comes. Their door is even locked. I guess their parents were worried about leaving them in the house alone. I guess they thought they would miss the bus or make a mess. Anyway, I am hoping that they just let them continue to come over. I worry about them being outside alone. Anything could happen. Maybe I am just overprotective but you just never know these days.

Well, have a little picking up to do before going to get my sweet girl from school. Have a lovely day.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Just a quick note

Just a quick post to let you know I am still alive. I will try to make a longer entry later.

A huge thank you to my SP10 partner and everyone else for making such sweet comments about my wee ones. I think they are beautifull too, though..I think every mommy does. I hope you are having a wonderful vacation! I am so excited about SP10!!

Nothing new on the knitting front. Still working on the shorts. They work up pretty quickly. I hope to finish them on Saturday night at the Knit In at Gourmet Yarn if not before. OH...that reminds me. I still don't know what I am going to cook for the knit in. I better figure something out soon.

I have class tonight and will probably stay up there a little late to get some much needed studying done.

Must go pick up Savy! See ya!

Saturday, March 24, 2007

SP10 current projects

Right now I am working on an interlac scarf that I recieved from my winter scarf knit kit swap partner on swap bot. I think it is going fairly well. This is the first time I have tried interlac. Due to the colors, I think it will make a nice gift for one of the men in my family at Christmas. Of course, I will have to wait and see how the complete project turns out first.

I am also very excited to be working on some SHORTS. Yes, you heard me right. It is the first pattern I have seen for shorts that I like. I decided to knit the by knitting with my stash because I desperately need to do this. I found some Berroco yarn that I got on sale at a LYS that went out of business quite some time ago. I can't wait to lounge around in them this summer. I have already finished one side and am working on the other.

Oh, here is some sock yarn I picked up when I was in Fredericksburg, Texas visiting my dad.

Well, off to go to some estate sales with mom this morning. I will probably find something to carry on about later today. Can't wait for Savy to come home tomorrow!! I miss her so much!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Computer Hell

If I wasn't in SP10..I might just throw this hunk of junk in the trash. My computer froze 3 times in a row. Of course this is happening while I am trying to make a post!! I just want to scream! So here is try #3...I think.

David, Dax, and I got in late last night from visiting my Dad in Fredericksburg. We left Savy with them for the week of spring break. They are taking her to the beach and over to Mexico to do some shopping. I know she will have a blast but I will miss my crazy girl. She always makes me laugh.
Here are some pics of the kids at my dad's Bar-B-Q stand during trade days. Dax had a blast trying to drive the golf cart and waving at everyone he saw. Savy loved helping the teenage girls out selling the food. She followed them everywhere. It was the cutest thing.

Mom came over and hung out for the day. She is my best friend so I missed her like crazy. We unwound a magic yarn ball she got in a swap, we divided up some sock yarn I bought at a yarn store in Fredericksburg. She also helped me fold some laundry and clean up the playroom. I swear it looked like a tornado hit. We left such a mess while trying to get pakced and get out of town of Friday. She was a dream as always.

I am counting down the days until I get my mp3 player. David is going to get me one for mother's day. I know he is going to go ahead and get it soon because I started working out several days a week. The treadmill doesn't have as much appeal when you are watching everyone else jam while you break a sweat to the sound of the machines. He is so awesome.

Well the computer is going insane again so I am going to publish before I loose my mind. I will post again tomorrow if I am not in the looney bin chanting about how much I hate our stupid computer!! Have a good one!

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Campfire Cuties

We had our weekly campfire meeting last night and I finally took some pictures. One of our little ones, Cassie, was not there so I will try to take some pics next time as well. Aren't they too cute?!! My co-leader finally decided to run a few meetings! Yay! It is a big help, especially right before a test. I know she has been nervous to do so but kids don't care! They just want to have a great time. Of course she did just fine as I knew she would. I told her...I have never had a clue what I was doing and it always turns out fine! I am not sure if I am going to lead next year. I will sure miss it if I don't!! It will just depend...school and family are most important right now! I think I overloaded a bit this year. My strange mind..thinking a stay at home mom has the time and should participate in everything. LOL! I seem to have less time now than when I worked! Not really sure if this is true. Our minds can play tricks on us when we think about the past. :)

I was trying to take a pic of Dax but he was much too interested in the camera!

Speaking of tests. I find out what I made on my last one tonight. I am keeping my fingers crossed for another A. We shall soon see.

We will be going to my Dad's for a few days during spring break. They want to keep Savy for the week. We will come back on Monday and leave her there. I think they are taking her to the beach. She will have fun but I know I will be dying for her return!

I got my secret pal for SP10! I am soo excited. My pal commented as well! Let the "fun" begin!

I must go...Have a great day!