Thursday, June 28, 2007

Dax is 1 year old

Thank you to everyone who made such sweet comments regarding my last post!!! I know it has been awhile since I have made a post. My schedule has def changed since Savy is out of school for the summer!

We had Dax's 1st Birthday party last Saturday!

I call him Daxton the Destroyer and by did he ever destroy his cake! My step dad made the best cakes ever! Daxton even had his own little dinosaur cake!
He was a good boy through the whole party! We had a great time. I can not believe that he is already a year old.

I will be sending my last SP10 package in the next few days.

David and I have rented a cabin to get some much needed R&R this weekend. Mom is watching the little ones. I will miss them but I can not wait! The cabin even has a hot tub. YAY!! I will post some pics when we get back.

I also need to post some knitting pics. I finished the summer tank but still need to do the finishing and I have decided to do a crochet edging on the neck. The yarn was very slippery and that made the bind off around the neck look very unclean. I have started another summer top from some silk I picked up at the new knitting store in Norman. I am really liking it.

I have to go put the pork in the crock pot for dinner. I promise I will start posting more.

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