Thursday, June 28, 2007

Dax is 1 year old

Thank you to everyone who made such sweet comments regarding my last post!!! I know it has been awhile since I have made a post. My schedule has def changed since Savy is out of school for the summer!

We had Dax's 1st Birthday party last Saturday!

I call him Daxton the Destroyer and by did he ever destroy his cake! My step dad made the best cakes ever! Daxton even had his own little dinosaur cake!
He was a good boy through the whole party! We had a great time. I can not believe that he is already a year old.

I will be sending my last SP10 package in the next few days.

David and I have rented a cabin to get some much needed R&R this weekend. Mom is watching the little ones. I will miss them but I can not wait! The cabin even has a hot tub. YAY!! I will post some pics when we get back.

I also need to post some knitting pics. I finished the summer tank but still need to do the finishing and I have decided to do a crochet edging on the neck. The yarn was very slippery and that made the bind off around the neck look very unclean. I have started another summer top from some silk I picked up at the new knitting store in Norman. I am really liking it.

I have to go put the pork in the crock pot for dinner. I promise I will start posting more.

Thursday, June 7, 2007

How sad

What do you say when there are no words. Someone who has changed and not for the better. Someone who taught you to respect your elders, that blood is thicker than water, who you knew would always protect you. Now they are hurtfull to everyone and see no wrong in what they say or do. How do you say what needs to be said? How do you break a bond with someone you have tried your whole life to hear them say they are proud? How sad to know that there is nothing you can say to make them see. Make them understand what they are about to loose. So much that they should hold dear. How angry I hurt I sad I am!!! Somehow I could look past all the mean things said to me though I can never forget, but is too much to see the hurt he brings to people I love. I fear that he might someday say hurtfull things to my kids. That I can not allow. So we will meet to "work it out"! I know it will not work. I am ready for more hurtfull things to be said that day. I know I will say hurtfull things back. Things he will not want to hear. I wish it did not have to be this way. How does someone change so much? How does their "core" vanish without a trace? I will never understand how someone can be so hurtfull to people that love them so. He has made the rounds through everyone. No one makes him responsible for the hurt he causes. Now it must be done. I just wish it did not have to be me! Even still..I love him and I will miss him. After all he is my Dad.

Sorry to all who read this. I usually do not talk about "personal issues" on here. It is late. I can not sleep again. My mind was full and aching. I had to talk. Maybe now I can sleep. Tomorrow will be a good day. A day spent loving on my babies.

Friday, June 1, 2007

Memorial Day

I am finally back from Odessa. My grandfather was released from the hospital. He still has pneumonia but is doing better. I wish so much that I lived closer to them. I miss them so much.

Savy finished Pre-K and is both happy and sad at the same time. We have several things planned for her this summer so I know she will have a blast.

We spent Mem Day with my mom and Ron.
Dax and Savy had a blast in the sand box and we feasted upon bratwurst, potato salad, and baked beans.
We had a wonderful time as usual!!!

Last night Savy had her dance rehearsal. I am sure my mom will post pics on her next blog. Our camera died but we did get video. Yay.

I finally finished the Reggia silk socks. I will post a pic later. I also finished the front of the summer tank I wanted to do. Of course, I will post it later too.

Need to go get lunch started. David will be here in 45 min.