Thursday, January 10, 2008

New Job

It seems my posts are farther and farther apart these days. I promise to try to post more often. My camera is having major problems so I can not share any pics but I am working on several things. I finished the socks I was working on. It was a standard sock in ballet. Now I have started the monkey socks in some Happy Feet I picked up at Gourmet Yarn. I am also working on a felted bag. This will be my first time felting so wish me luck. It is a sqare bottom bag with the sides in a simple stockinete stitch. I still need to seam my Dive Autunno sweater so I can actually wear it before it gets warm. And of course all the other numerous things I already had on the needles that have seen very little of my attention.

Christmas was crazy as always. My dad and I are on speaking terms so we went there for Christmas. It was fun being with my sister and brother-in-law and my grandparents. Of course there was tension where my dad is concerned. As always Christmas at my mom's was heart warming. It is the kind of christmas I grew up with. Love, laughter, food, and fun. I love her so much! Especially since she made me the most awesome arm warmers for christmas. I can not wait to show them to you. I could not believe she made them for me. I know it took so much time! She is very sneaky. David and I were able to get a fews days of relaxation in Hot Springs. We had such a wonderful time! He is one of a kind and I am just glad I got to him first! I have never seen such a giving man before.

The kids started day care today! I just about broke my heart. It is not what I had planned for them. I feel like I am being selfish and did not try hard enough. Daxton is such a wonderfull little boy. He is just so full of vim and vinegar. I never get to sit down. We decided that it would be better for me to have an office job due to my health for now. I just can hardly keep up with him. I am happy to say that they are loving day care. Dax has been a good boy for them and loves playing with the other babies. Savy runs and hides when we come to pick her up because she does not want to leave. This makes me feel better about going back to work. I start on Monday. It has been 2 years since I have worked and five more since I have had a boss. I am quite nervous. I also start school Tuesday night. I am again only taking once class. Our hope is to pay off some bills so that by the time Dax starts preschool I can go to school full time and be here when they get home from school. I am trying to get tons of stuff done before I start work so it has been kind of crazy. I will go now but I hope to have pics to download soon. Happy Knitting to all.