Monday, April 30, 2007

Weekend in the Yard

We finally got around to making the yard presentable. Right after David and I got married I got very sick and then preggie. Since then we have not exactly taken care of the yard. Because of the overgrowth we basically had to just start over. We finished the front yesterday afternoon.
Now that we have a clean slate I can not wait to make it my own! I have not decided exactly what I am going to do yet! I know that I am going to plant hydrangeas (is the spelling right?). I just love them. Other than that, we will see. It will be a while because I had to put down weed and grass killer.
Now we have to tackle the back. There are 3 small flower beds and one very large one surrounding the pond. The pond of course is another story. The pump quit working last summer and we did not remedy that so we have to drain it and start over as well. I will post some pics of the bag when we get it lined and mulched. I am tired but happy about getting it done and the possibilities are endless!

On the knitting front I am working on some socks in Regia silk. I love the feel of them. They have a cable running down each side. It is hard to see in the pics because I am using such a dark color but here they are.

We have dance class tonight and I also need to finish going through Savy's clothes and toys for the garage sale mom and I are trying to get together. There is always so much to do! I just try to take one thing at a time!

Last but not is Lady Bug in all her shaved glory!


Kay said...

What happened to sweet Lady Bug? She's a pretty baby.

Carolyn said...

The yard looks awesome! Wish you had taken before pics....the difference is amazing! Poor little naked's still so pretty!

Terri said...

Great job on the yard. I love doing yard work - it is instant gradification.

Anonymous said...

Hey SP! Just wanted you to know that your package is IN THE MAIL!!!! Finally all the goodies arrived so I've packed 'em up and they're on the way to you!

Hope you're having a beautiful spring!