Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Two finished projects

Sorry again for not posting as often as I should. It seems so crazy lately. I did finish two projects the last few days. First, the infamous Yartini socks. I used the jellybean pattern toe up. I can't wait to wash & wear them!
I also finished my first square for the heritage afghan mom and I are doing together. I started with the green. Of course it still needs to be blocked. I will worry about that later.
My next sqare will be in the beige. I am so excited about this project! I can not wait to see the finished project. To have something in the family that mom and I knitted together will mean so much to me! She is my best friend and I am so lucky that we share so many common interests.
So...WOW!! As of this moment I have nothing on the needles. What a horror! Of course I have plans for 3. I am going to start the next above mentioned square, another pair of socks (silk), and a summer tank made with some Rio my mom picked up for me. Yes, I am becoming a yarn snob and do not buy novelty or man made yarns much anymore but the Rio is so soft. It is 100% viscose with some very pretty var colors. So I guess as long as it feels good on my bod then who cares if a man or a sheep made it!LOL

We have campfire tonight if it does not storm. I do not want the kids and their parents driving when it is stormy just to go to campfire. I would just die of something happened to any of them. If all goes well we are going to plant some watermelon seeds. I think they will have fun with that. For snack time...you guessed it...watermelon. I also have some learning pages on how plants grow and what types have seeds. Savy already started growing some kind of bean at school and she just loves it!

I can't wait for my summer school to start! I am trying an online class. We will see how it goes. I will miss being in the class room itself. It is a little break from mommyhood you know. However, I wanted to try an online class and see how it goes. I am taking a math and David is a master at any kind of math or science so it should be fine. He is also a fabulous teacher (very patient). We have talked about him tutoring some time because he is so great at it. I actually hate math!!!! It is a necessary evil.

That is all for now or you will be reading a book. Of course I never run out of things to say but I will save some for later.

Hoping all is well with my SP pals. I was going to send my next package out but I stupidly left the box open and my cat got the lace weight yarn I was sending her!! I may send it anyway because it was pretty full. I can just send her some yarn next time! Dumb cat!!! Have a great day!!!!!!

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Carolyn said...

You didn't tell me about the yarn mis-hap....oh no!! Bring it over here and we can wind it into a cake and it should be fine!! A good excuse to get you to come over...lol!
Love You!