Tuesday, May 8, 2007


Yay!! I have an SP10 package on the way!! Thank you SP. I can not wait to get it! I was soo excited about being a part of SP10 but it has been hard to stay that way! I wish I knew who you were. The partner that I got has not made a blog post in 2 months and only responds to my emails sometimes. When she does it is weeks later. She didn't even let me know she recieved the first present I sent until about 2 weeks later and it was a one sentence email. It makes it so hard to want to go out of the way to find neat fun stuff for her! I have had her next package ready for a while but wanted to add some more stuff. I may just send it anyway. It is hard to know what to put in there when she does not make any posts. OH well, that is just the way it goes sometimes!

Things have been so crazy! Daxton has had a cold again for about 2-3 weeks and we found out he has ear infections in both ears again. They recommended he see a specialist about allergies and possible tubes in his ears. He goes on the 24th. The antibiotic upset his stomach last night and he just cried and cried. I felt so bad for him. He finally calmed down after I took him on a walk at 9:00 last night up and down our street about 4 times. It just broke my heart to hear him cry in pain like that!! I feel like he has been sick so much and I just hate it. It makes me sad! I have to keep reminding myself that they are just colds and he is a trooper. It doesn't even seem to faze him. He is into everything:) With all that going on I somehow ended up with strep throat. I felt so bad I didn't even knit all weekend. David was a dream and did everything for the kids so I could rest. He is just amazing! I love him more and more each day!

I had an interesting morning with all the rain. We had 5 of the neighborhood kids come wait for the bus at our house because of the rain. I went to change Dax's diaper and while I was in the other room they all missed the bus! I just about died! I had to go out in the pouring rain and get the campfire tubs out of the back of my car so they could all pack into the back. With 2 of the girls arguing it was and interesting morning to say the least! I love them all to death but they can be pills. The kids are all a lot older than my daughter and they get into arguments all the time. Little girs are so funny! They get mad at each other over the silliest things. As tiring as it all is...I am glad they come here instead of Savy going to their houses. It is amazing what you hear from children!! You are not sure what to believe but I feel better with them playing at my house that is for sure! I am starting to figure out that I need to have food for many in the house because there are a few that seem to always show up at meal time! It really makes me wonder!! Anyway, I am just glad that they feel happy to be here no matter what their home situations are like. The "normal" family seems to be scarce these days!

Hopefully I will get some knitting done soon. I need to start on the second Reggia sock and finish a sqare then I am going to start a summer tank. I will post some more tomorrow before I bore everyone to tears!!:)


Anonymous said...

Hey SP! I certainly hope you like the package, and again I'm so sorry it took me so long to get it out to you! I hope to make up for the lack of goodies so far between now and the end of SP10 - I've got plenty more ideas for ya, and I'll try to get 'em in the mail shortly. No spoiling the surprise about who I am, though - you'll just have to wait! Happy Tuesday :)

Carolyn said...

Being a Mommie is interesting isn't it? Now you know why I always wanted our house to be the gathering place :-) !! That way I always knew what you all were doing!
Love You! Mom

Susan said...

I'm so sorry to hear about Daxton's ear infections. It's just awful when a baby or a little kid is sick. They don't understand and you can't explain it to them. It can be very frustrating.