Saturday, May 12, 2007


YAY!!! I just got the most awesome package in the mail this morning from my SP!
It could not have come at a better time! I have been very sick and feeling blah! Yesterday mom came to help with the kids and brought me roses and now this! All right before mother's day!
My SP sent me a really cute smiley measuring tape (I always need these), an awesome cinabon candle that is already smelling up the whole house! Yum Yum! I forgot to get a pic of the candle. She also sent a beautiful fan made by the same company who made the candle.
Some truffles that I have have already eaten 3 of. They are sooo good! Two skeins of Lorna's Laces which I have yet to ever try but have been wanting to for quite a while. The colorway is awesome! She also sent a hank of Malabrigo which I have never tried either. I am so excited!!!!
And last but not least, she acutally knitted me a bracelet! It is soo cool! I have never seen anything like it. I wish the pictures turned out better! It is very intricate and the beading is amazing! I don't think I could ever do it myself!
All there is left to say is that my SP ROCKS!!!! I must have gotten the best partner out of all the participants. I could not have imagined such an awesome package! I loved everything in it and will use it all! Sorry if my post is a little off. The meds I am taking are taking a toll on me. I need to go rest for a while. Thank you again SP you are an angel. Thank you for making such an effort to find things I would just love. You went so above and beyond!!! I hope all is well with you!


Carolyn said...

WOW!!! What an awesome package!!! I'm so glad you got such a great pal!!! You always go way above and beyond for everyone and it's nice to see it come back to you! Can't wait to see (and feel) all of it :-)

Anonymous said...

Hey SP! Wow, I'm so glad you liked the package! I know how you feel about your SP - it's hard when you put effort into a package and don't get any kind of response. But you... well, wow! I'm SO glad you never tried the Lorna's or the Malabrigo - they are my two absolute favorite "yarn snob" yarns. :) Also, do you have an Ethel's out there? It's a chocolate cafe here in Illinois where you can sit and do nothing but eat and drink chocolate. Yummy! You can find the bracelet pattern on (it was such a blast to knit - I used size 0000 needles! Eek!). I'm also glad you've never tried Dame Candle Company - it's a small, one-woman company that was going out of business last winter but thanks to a bunch of us knitters who rallied around her she's still in business. Cool, huh? Well I'm SO glad you loved the package and that it came at the right time. Be prepared - there will be more! Spoiling is the name of the game... have a wonderful weekend!
Lots of yarn-y love,