Sunday, July 15, 2007

motor home

Savannah is home after a fun filled weekend with MiMi and Poppy in their motor home. You will have to check out her blog in the next few days for pics. They found a place real close to home that was just great for a quick getaway. The RV park had an indoor pool and everything. It was in town so Sat they went to Whitewater as well. We met them this afternoon to pick up Savy and let Dax swim for a while as well. I think that was the most fun she has had in a while. Next weekend we are all going to Turner Falls. David and I are going to stay in his Dad's cabin but I am sure Savy will want to sleep in the motor home. My sister and brother-in-law are meeting us as well. I know we will have a blast.

Savy has started ice skating lessons. She loves it! I didn't get very good pics last time but I will try to get some better ones on Tuesday night.

Since Savy is out of school we have started doing more with the mom's group and I have finally found a friend my age with kids!! Thank goodness. I had just about given up hope. For some reason I never get along with many girls my age that I meet. She and I seem to have a lot in common and have the same "core" as far as child rearing and things like that go. We seem to get along like old friends. I am so very glad to have met her.

I am working on the Mystery Stole 3 but it is slow going. I have barely started clue 2. Lace and beading just do not mesh well with a 5 year old and a 1 year old. I am also still working on the silk summer top. Of course I finished the tank but still need to do the finishing and blocking. My camera has low batteries so I will have to pick some up and replace them before I take pics.

My sp10 partner let me know that she got her last package. I will not be signing up for SP11. It was just not what all I thought it would be. The lady who got me seems very sweet and I can not wait to figure out who she is!! The package that she sent me was truly wonderfull.

I am going to call the Doctor tomorrow and see if I can get back in. I had decided not to go back but with proding from family I am going to call. I just got so tired of being poked and proded with no results. Maybe this time they will figure out what is wrong. I just don't want to be tired anymore.

I hope all is well with everyone!!!


Carolyn said...

I'm so glad that you all came out to the park with us..we had such a wonderful time...of course, we always do...
I'm really happy that you are going to go back to the dr. We need to find out once and for all what is going on so you can feel good again!! I love you so much and want you to feel better!

Jennifer said...

I have no idea about your other symptoms, but I had a mysterious "something" wrong with me for years before I finally got a diagnosis. I got there by sitting down with a pad of paper and a pencil and making a list of everything that could remotely be considered a symptom; then I took it to my doctor. I was sure to include EVERYTHING that seemed different about me compared to others. It resulted in a referral to a rheumatalogist and a fibromyalgia diagnosis. I was eventually able to treat FM with diet and excersize. I will certainly pray that you get some answers soon. I know first hand how hard it can be to know there is something wrong and not be able to find out what it is.

Anonymous said...

HEY SP!! First of all, thank you so much for your patience during this SP round. We've had some family emergencies that have kept me from being the best SP I can be, and I know it. But I wanted to let you know... I posted your final package today! Make sure you open the card first, and I really hope you love the stuff that's inside. I tried to get you stuff that you'd adore, and I hope I did a good job. In the meantime, my reveal info is in the card, so come leave me a comment or something when you get the package. UPS said by Wednesday - ENJOY! Much love (and thanks again for being patient with me),

Your SP

Knit Mongrel said...

YAY! I'm so glad you got my package, and I hope you love everything. Again, thanks for being patient with me.... I've loved being your secret pal and getting to know you! You're already in my blogroll, so I'll be back each time you post. Happy almost-August!! :)

elka said...

Oi Vey~ I finally got a picture up of your reveal pkg and a link to your blog on mine. So very sorry for being so remiss