Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Kansas and Fibro

First of all mom and I went to Laurence, Kansas for a girls weekend!!! We had so much fun. Ron and David were sweet enough to watch the little ones for us so we could go. Savy stayed the whole weekend with her Poppy(Ron) and the baby stayed with David. I swear, we could not ask for better spouses!! Mom and I left Friday about 1:00 and got there around six. We checked in and went to dinner. Ron gave us 2 $20 gift cards he got from his work as a gift to Chilis so we even ate for free!! We then spent a fabulous relaxing evening knitting together in our room. The next morning...you guessed it...The Yarn Barn. It was a great store but I have to say that we have better ones here. Inventory and staff! It did seem to be a great place for spinning but we do not do that so we were out of luck. We did however manage to spend 4 hours in the store and come out with some yarn.

I picked up some KOIGU sock yarn in greys and mauves which just so happened to match the yarn I got for a sweater.
The sweater is a fair isle on the front of one of the Interweave knits magazines. I did switch out the yarns. Though it is yarn I can find in OK, I have not seen all these colors so I promise I am not trying to leave out my lovely LYS. I am excited about both projects though I will not start either for a little while. I have too many other things working right now.
The rest of the day was spent walking up and down the cutest dowtown area filled with every shop you can think of! I got an awesome pair of clogs for myself, a couple of goodies for David and Dax and some B-day stuff for Savy. Mom and I were exhausted so we went to the hotel and took a dip in the hot tub then got a take out order from Chilis and spent the rest of the night knitting.
I can not think of a better weekend. It doesn't hurt that I was with my best friend(my mommy). Yes..she is still and always will be my mommy. But now she is my best friend too! How lucky I am.

I am also working on a sweater for myself out of Di've Autunno which I had to frog. I did however get to keep the sleeves.
I am working on a summer pullover for Savy in purple and pink Love it.
I cast on a sock out of Ballet on the way to Kansas that looks a little strange right now because I am doing a tight knit with an 8 in cuff.
I picked up all the stuff to do the Ola blanket in mission falls cotton at Gourmet.
Last time I was at Gourmet I picked up some comfort to do the cabled sweater in the fall Interweave magazine too. Oh, I also just finished the winter sock out of the Baby Alpaca from Gourmet. I can't take a pic of those b/c I had to wear them on our girls weekend trip and they need to be handwashed. Whew!! As you can see, I need to get busy. This does not even count the other 5-10 projects lurking in bags behing my chair.
On the fibro side. The Lyrica is helping some but not completely. I still have pain everyday with exhaustion but it has decreased. Some days are bad and some days are horrid. That is pretty much as good as it gets. I did get some information from a wonderful lady who found my blog from SP10. She has fibromyalgia too and is now med free by changing living habits such as diet and excercise. I have started trying to slowly implement these changes she made. I will be replacing food in my cabinet as it runs out with whole wheat/whole grains. We have also started trying to eat more natural. I am sure you all do not want the details but I sure hope it works. It might even help Dax some. He has been acting out quite a bit. I know most of this is because he is a 16 mo old little boy but some may be food. We will see. So thank you to her for taking the time out of her life to try and help me. Most people you know don't do that, much less those that don't know you at all. She must be an angel.
I can't wait for Halloween tomorrow night and Savy's 6th Birthday party Saturday. I can not believe my baby girl is going to be six. Well..more about that with pics next time.
I hope you are all doing fab!!


Jennifer said...

Nope, not an angel. Just someone who knows what it's like.

I'm glad to see that you have a great weekend in Lawrence. I love that town! And I agree about the Yarn Barn. I think they're great because I spin and weave, but for knitting, there are definitely better places. And I've found that it really depends on who helps you in there, which is really frustrating.

It's too bad I didn't know you were coming. We might have been able to meet. I'm only 30 or 40 minutes from Lawrence!

Anonymous said...

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Good luck!