Friday, March 30, 2007


Of pics again today. I will try to take some this weekend.

Savy is going to spend the night with MiMi and Poppy tonight. She can hardly wait, as always. She loves them so much!! After they pick her up I am going to try to shoot over to Mardels. Savy is in Pre-K and only goes for a couple of hours a day. She loves doing her "lessons" and we are running out. I have been doing age related workbooks with her for a couple of years and she just loves it. I want to pick up some more stuff to work on in the afternoons and this summer. It is important to me that she has a firm grasp on everything she is learning now before Kindergarten. It helps that she loves doing the workbooks! She is so smart but she is left handed and having trouble with writing. She will write backwards a lot. Her teacher had a lefty son and said he had some of the same issues. She is doing so good and I am so proud of her!!! But of course..she is my daughter so of course I think she is the best!

Saturday is the knit in! I am excited. I will try to remember to take some pics while I am there. I am so close to finishing the shorts. I am so excited! I can not wait to wear them.

I am hoping to hear from my SP pal soon. The one I send to! She has not posted in over 2 weeks and has not responded to my emails. Not even the one that says I sent her a package. I hope she is ok and just out of town. Anyway, the pal who got me seems very sweet. She is house hunting in CA. Hmmm...that is a clue to her identity! Anyway, I hope she finds the perfect home and is having a wonderful time.

The last couple of days I have been taking 2 kids from across the street to school as well. Their dad just got a job and has to leave before school starts. Their mom has always had to leave early. She came over and asked if they could come over at 7:30 then go to school with us. Savy looves this! Michelle is her best friend even though she is in 4th grade. I did find out that they have been waiting outside in the morning. I was horrified. It is still slightly dark at 7:30 and they just wait on the porch until after 8:00 when the bus comes. Their door is even locked. I guess their parents were worried about leaving them in the house alone. I guess they thought they would miss the bus or make a mess. Anyway, I am hoping that they just let them continue to come over. I worry about them being outside alone. Anything could happen. Maybe I am just overprotective but you just never know these days.

Well, have a little picking up to do before going to get my sweet girl from school. Have a lovely day.


Kay said...

I hate to be the bearer of bad news but Knit-in isn't this weekend. It's NEXT weekend!!

Ciao! said...

Amanda - they are lucky to have a neighbor like you.

See you on the 7th for the Knit In.