Friday, March 2, 2007

Weird Me

Ok mom! I know you tagged me several days ago. David is going to help me think up 10 weird things about me so here goes...

1. When making a sandwich. Meat must touch the mustard. Cheese must touch the mayo. I don't know if it changes the taste but it just "has" to be that way!
2. By no means can two different foods go into my mouth at the same time! They have to be eaten seperately.
3. The different types of food on my plate can not be mixed together. I think this has to do with the previous weird thing about me. I go to great pains to make sure of this.
4. Repetative noises drive me insane. Especially when I am trying to go to sleep. Examples..the dog licking, water trickling, my husband snoring-fortunately that has been corrected with a C-Pap machine.
5. The toilet paper has to come from the bottome. NOT from over the top of the roll. If it is..I will promptly change it.
6. I have to have something to drink when I go to bed. Of course I rarely drink it in the night but if it is not there I will wake up thirsty. It never fails.
7. I do not like my feet to be out from under the covers. If I am hot I will still make sure my feet are covered. When I was little I was afraid something would come out from under the bed and eat my toes. LOL
8. I still make my mom hide easter eggs for me so I can look for them. You would never know that I have kids of my own.LOL
9. I do not like to touch raw meat. I will make my husband do it if at all possible.
10. I married my husband, the weirdest of all. If you knew him you would understand!

I know there are hundreds more but I had a hard time with these. Most of them pertain to food. If I think of any more I will edit.


Kay said...

Until my sister moved 10 years ago I was still hiding Easter eggs for her. lol I can't have cheese touching mustard on a sandwich either. When I get hot I always slide my feet out as it cools me off quickest. I'm the opposite on toilet paper, I'll change it in a heartbeat. lol Funny how we all have our own little "ways". Hope to see you tomorrow!

Carolyn said...

But he keeps life interesting doesn't! Perfect match for you in my opinion :-)!