Monday, February 26, 2007

Mom to the rescue

This is "my" mom we are talking about. She is a saint. After everyone being sick for several weeks I was exhausted. Dax and I are still not completely over it. Saturday morning Dax was crying and crying. This is so not like him. I noticed a red rash on his torso. We took him to the Doc in Edmond. He cried the whole way. They said he had a reaction to the antibiotic for his ear infection or a viral rash. My mom saw my distress, my SOS!lol Moms always do! And offered to keep both kids Sat night so David and I could get a full night sleep. Yay for Mom!! We picked up some grub and caught up on our DVR shows. I was too tired to even knit. Sunday we picked them up and stayed for a little while. My mother is a dream come true! I feel much better now.

I was going to go up to the YMCA this morning but Dax still has too much of a runny nose. He is not contagious but I still don't think it is wise to have him around all the other little ones. Instead I think I will go on a walk with him and Savy after lunch today. Savy will get to ride her scooter so I know she will be excited. Since I am not going to the Y this morning I am going to get some more studying done.

Still waiting to hear about Secret Pal 10. I hope I am in.

Don't worry mom. I know I have been tagged. Strangely I can not think of 10 weird things about me right now. This is odd because I know there are millions. Will post it later.

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Mom said... are too sweet! But you know....I'm really just being selfish...I love hanging out with those little! I am so glad you got some rest and it was totally our pleasure!