Friday, February 23, 2007

First Test

Yay!! I made a 96 on my first test and 100 on my first pop quiz. I am so excited! Now I just have to keep it that way! I plan on doing quit a bit of studying this weekend. David and I are also going to rent some movies on Multiple Personality Disorder. Maybe Sybil or 3 Faces of Eve. I put down the the new knitting novel I am reading to read "When the Rabbit Howls". Waah! I was just getting into the other book. It starts out great! If you haven't read "The Friday Night Knitting Club" you should.

I plan on a nice relaxing weekend. I feel exhausted after running around this week with the cold Dax and I have had. I finally ran to the Dr yesterday for a power house decongestant. worked. I feel so much better today!

I am only 1 1/2 inches away from finishing my first sport sock. I will post a pic on my next blog. When I am done I am either going to start the interlac scarf I got from my scarf knit kit swap pal or make something out of the baby Alpaca I got from my Yarn Snobs unite pal.

Have a great day!

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Mom said...

So glad you are feeling better! I hope this stuff ends now and you get well! I can't wait to see your sock...I can't believe how fast you are going on it! Love you!