Friday, February 9, 2007 I said. Here is number 9 I think. I am excited about the MOM's group. This month I am going to the Little Gym play date next Monday. Recipee club and infant play date in a couple of weeks. Of course the couple's night out tonight! What a great way to meet other Moms. Maybe I can get some of them going to the Knitting Guild. We need some more young knitters in the group! I still need to figure out a way to email my blog to some people. This is the best way for me to download photos now. My comp kept locking up when I would try to download pics to kodak gallery. I used it forever...don't know what happened. Anyway, talked to my sis last night and she was giving me hell about not wanting to go back to the doc. I am just so tired of going. Have been having strange chest pains that no one can figure out. Had it in fall of 2005. It got real bad and I think I had reaction to steroids. Long story short, I got extremely ill. It went away during pregnancy and then came back again this last fall. Then my hair started coming out a few months ago. That was very upsetting. Fortunately you can't really tell. My hair is curly and just a lot thinner now so no one who doesn't really know me can tell. Of course I can. Oh well..enough about that tired subject. I am not incapable of functioning..just very annoying. Babe and I keep talking about reading each night before bed. It is the only chance I really get. I need to start. I miss it so much. We are enjoying playing games at night too. We have a lot going on and it is hard on the few nights we are home not to fall in out chair and turn on the boob tube. However, when we don't I have such a great time! I love him soo! Going to go do a few things I need to get done around the house!

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Carolyn said...

I hope you have the best time tonight!! I'm excited about the stuff going on in this Mom's group for you and the munchkins!