Monday, February 12, 2007

Merry Monday

Why do Mondays alwasy seem so crazy? You would think that after having all weekend to get things done that they would be the easiest. I forgot that Savy had to take her Valentine's to school this morning so with baby fussing and 10 min until time to take her to school I was filling them out & slapping on candy. Thank goodness she is such a great big sister. The entire time she sat with Dax and tried to keep him occupied! I am so proud of her. Dax is finally down for his nap so I ran around picking up a little then called to confirm my Doc appt for 1:00 today. We are going to miss the little gym trip due to the Dr appt...I hate that. Here is to hoping this is that last Doctor visit for a LONG time! I guess we will just see.

I called "the mom" to let her know that I have some more Campfire candy that was turned in. I can not believe she is not rushing over. Wants me to call her back tonight and let her know if I get more from my group after out Valentin's party. I will be glad when my distributing days are over.

Studied for a while last night. My fab husband quizzed me for the test Wed. I worry that it will be cancelled if the weather is correct. I would rather just go ahead and get the test over with. I hope to squeeze some more study time in tonight after Savy's dance class and getting everything ready for tomorrow night's V-Day party for Campfire. I am determined to make an A and nothing less. I will be so disappointed in myself if I do not make the grade!

Mom and I went to affair of the heart yesterday! I always have so much fun going with her. We made it through more buildings this time. The last 3 times we went I was either sick or very preggie! Afterwards we went on a Valentine's present hunt for Savy and babe. I think they will like everything. I am looking forward to our night out. Since I have class on V-Day we are going out Thursday night. Not sure where we are going to dinner. David is not telling! I am usually good at figuring stuff like that out but not this time. I guess I will just have to wait and be suprised.

Have not done much knitting. Did almost finish the first arm warmer for Emily. She wanted some fun fur at the edge but I ended up having to rip it out. The tension was too tight and the yarn has no stretch at at all. Not sure if I will try again or just go ahead a bind off as is.

Better go..still need to call a bunch of campfire parents and confirm what they are bringing to the party and how many people they invited.

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