Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Back from Campfire

Well...lets try this again. I just finished a verrry long post and my crazy comp froze and I lost it all before I published it! BahHumBug! What a crazy day! I am the candy distributor for this area and I swear there is one mom pushing me to my limit. It seems so crazy to me for a parent to be so insane over campfire candy. I thought it was supposed to be a fun thing for the kids to do and to learn from. They can't possibly learn anything good when a parent is acting so silly! Oh well...some people are just nuts! The highlight of my day is leading the Campfire group. They are all 4 and 5 years old. Tonight they were making invitations and decorating for the Valentine's Day party they are throwing next week. They were soo excited! I just love leading the group. It reminds me why I am going back to school! Can't wait to be an elementary school teacher. It will take a while because all my previous college work was mainly legal. That is ok..it is all worth it! On the knitting front..I finished the Cascade fixation socks. I can't wait to start the toe down sport sock pattern I found for Cascade. First I need to start and finish some arm warmers for Emily. Yay...Mary is coming to clean in the morning! I love my husband for allowing me that luxury! He is a dream come true! Though sometimes I think he would rather pay than have me bugging him to help me clean something! LOL Since Mary will be here tomorrow we will head to Mom(MiMi)'s house. I love hanging out with her. Just wish it was more. I am so lucky..she is my best friend. I can tell her pretty much anything and we have the same hobbies too! She always laughs and says "Mirror mirror on the wall, you are becoming your mother after all"! I could only be so lucky! She has such a kind heart..the best person you could ever know! I have decided not to study tonight. Class is tomorrow night but I am ahead so far. Just hope I can keep it that way all semester. I am also excited about joining the MOM's group of Moore. My first meeting is Thursday morning. They have all kinds of stuff going on all week every week. They have play dates, craft days, book clubs, recipee clubs, mom's night out, and tons more. Maybe I can meet some new friends. Still don't have any here my age, much less with younds kids. Oh well..I have to say that it is better to have a few true friends far away than a bunch of semi-friends close by. Will try to post some pics. Got to go...I hear my phone ringing..I am sure it is Mom.

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