Friday, February 16, 2007

After V-Day

I have to tell you that I have the best husband ever! I had class on Valentine's Day night. When I go home David and Savy had decorated the house for Valentine's Day! I was so suprised! What a great way to come home. Savy was so thrilled and had to stay up a little late to see my reaction. David also helped you send some Valentine emails to several family members, including myself. He also have me a sweater from Ban Rep that is so soft and a beautiful shirt from ATaylor. He is the best. Last night we went to The Haunted House Restaraunt for dinner. It is a neat little place tucked back in the trees. You feel like you are out in the middle of nowhere. Low lights, fire place going, candles, it was very romantic. Thanks Mom & Ron for watching the kids so we could have a romatic dinner!

Mell & Brian are coming in town tonight! I am so very excited. I miss them so much! I was their "third wheel" for so many years! Things change so much! I miss spending time with them. If only we all lived in the same place. Maybe someday. Until then, I will relish every visit!

Mom and I are going to try out Dream Dinners tonight! We have been to Super Suppers and Pass Your plate. We liked them both. Dream dinners seems to be quite a bit more expensive. We will see if the food is worth it. I do know one is so much nicer to have a good dinner to throw in the oven quickly on nights when we have campfire, dance, or class. I hate always having to make something like mac&cheese or sandwiches on those nights! Besides, I love getting to hang out with Mom. We both love to cook so we have a great time. is a pic of Savy and I right before Campfire. She insisted that I wear my hair in pony tails just like her so we could be twins. She is so sweet.

Have a great one..I know I will..if I can just keep this cold I have from getting any worse!

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Carolyn said...

Can't wait to do Dream Dinners with you and see Mel & B, too! It will be a fun weekend!
Love You! Mom