Wednesday, February 7, 2007

After Class

I got back from class a little while ago. I am loving it. I know that sounds strange. Now that I am going back with no expectations or strings from anyone but myself, I am excited. It is going to take a long time to finish because I am only taking 1 class at a time right now. That is okay with me. My husband is so supportive. He doesn't mind the extra cost or taking care of Savy and Dax...dinner, bath, bedtime, the whole worx. I am very lucky. On the knitting front, I cast on Emily's arm warmers today at my mom's. I was having a hard time with the fun fur she wanted on the top but finally got through it. Will post a pic when I am further along. David just started a blog as well! I am excited....someone else (the comp) to complain about all his sports stuff! Atleast the comp won't daze out on him like me. I told him it is like me explaining a knitting project to him. He always acts interested but I know he isn't! We had a good time at Mom's today. She has some awesome pics of Dax looking at her fish tank on her blog. Check them out! We just hung out for about 3 hours. Savy didn't get a nap and started being a pill. That is usually the way it goes. She just has to have her naps. I feel bad getting on to her when she is obviously just exhausted but you know how it is. I can't let bad behavior go unnoticed! On a good note, David said she was awesome tonight. Two little things happened while I was away flexing my brain. Savy ate some spicy chips while David was not looking. I am sure that was interesting. She also decided to get into something else while taking a bath. I was lucky with this one for the second time. I will tell you the first story so you will understand. Once upon a time Savy had her first sleep over. Her best friend from across the street came to slumber(I soon found out that is what they never do). During their bath they decided to comb each other's hair with a bikini razor! I just about died when I brought them towels and saw tons of brown locks of hair floating in the tub. I was not looking forward to sending her friend home! Thank goodness when their hair was dry I could not even figure out where it all came from...and there was A LOT! We had a talk about how she is old enough to stay away from Mommy's stuff, that is was dangerous, they could have to go to school bald, etc...LOL Tonight Savy decided to perform a repeat. Again, we were lucky. Babe said he could not figure out where it came from. That little stinker. You never know what they are going to do! I am going to my first MOM's meeting in the morning. I am pretty excited! I have gotten several emails about things going on but I am going to wait until I go to the first meeting. They seem to have a lot of cool things to do. Babe mailed my swaps today. Just waiting for partners for the others. Once I have 10 posts I think I will sign up for the secret pal 10 also. Mom started a swap on swap bot. She has 11 participants already. Way to go Mom! Anyway, I guess I will go knit and fell glad to look around at a clean house and be thankful I did not have to clean it tonight!

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Carolyn said...

I'm so proud of you...for everything you are...but also because you are going back to school! Love, Mom