Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Computer Hell

If I wasn't in SP10..I might just throw this hunk of junk in the trash. My computer froze 3 times in a row. Of course this is happening while I am trying to make a post!! I just want to scream! So here is try #3...I think.

David, Dax, and I got in late last night from visiting my Dad in Fredericksburg. We left Savy with them for the week of spring break. They are taking her to the beach and over to Mexico to do some shopping. I know she will have a blast but I will miss my crazy girl. She always makes me laugh.
Here are some pics of the kids at my dad's Bar-B-Q stand during trade days. Dax had a blast trying to drive the golf cart and waving at everyone he saw. Savy loved helping the teenage girls out selling the food. She followed them everywhere. It was the cutest thing.

Mom came over and hung out for the day. She is my best friend so I missed her like crazy. We unwound a magic yarn ball she got in a swap, we divided up some sock yarn I bought at a yarn store in Fredericksburg. She also helped me fold some laundry and clean up the playroom. I swear it looked like a tornado hit. We left such a mess while trying to get pakced and get out of town of Friday. She was a dream as always.

I am counting down the days until I get my mp3 player. David is going to get me one for mother's day. I know he is going to go ahead and get it soon because I started working out several days a week. The treadmill doesn't have as much appeal when you are watching everyone else jam while you break a sweat to the sound of the machines. He is so awesome.

Well the computer is going insane again so I am going to publish before I loose my mind. I will post again tomorrow if I am not in the looney bin chanting about how much I hate our stupid computer!! Have a good one!


Kay said...

That is one precious picture of Mr. Dax!

Mom said...

I love that pic of our little man too!! I had fun today and am sooo glad you are home! Thank you for getting that awesome yarn :-)
Everyone should be so lucky to have a DD like you!

wonderlandknitter said...

Love the picture of Dax and David! Dax is such a doll and I just love his big blue eyes. He's going to be a heart-breaker!

Glad you and your mom had such a good time yesterday, I know whe really misses you when you're gone.