Saturday, March 24, 2007

SP10 current projects

Right now I am working on an interlac scarf that I recieved from my winter scarf knit kit swap partner on swap bot. I think it is going fairly well. This is the first time I have tried interlac. Due to the colors, I think it will make a nice gift for one of the men in my family at Christmas. Of course, I will have to wait and see how the complete project turns out first.

I am also very excited to be working on some SHORTS. Yes, you heard me right. It is the first pattern I have seen for shorts that I like. I decided to knit the by knitting with my stash because I desperately need to do this. I found some Berroco yarn that I got on sale at a LYS that went out of business quite some time ago. I can't wait to lounge around in them this summer. I have already finished one side and am working on the other.

Oh, here is some sock yarn I picked up when I was in Fredericksburg, Texas visiting my dad.

Well, off to go to some estate sales with mom this morning. I will probably find something to carry on about later today. Can't wait for Savy to come home tomorrow!! I miss her so much!


wonderland knitter said...

SHORTS! YOU'RE KNITTING SHORTS?! OMG! Now there's a pattern I'd like to see. And the finished project too. Shorts - amazing. I remember people knitting shorts in the 70's with Red Heart yarn.

mom said...

The scarf looks great!! And so do the shorts...I can't believe they are working up so fast! Thank you so much from bringing me "treats" from know your Momma!

Cateling said...

OMG look at you go with the interlac! Doing good!

I've been working on a garterlac dishcloth and really like the way it's turning out in variegated yarn. is where to find the pattern and samples ... maybe if you're not sick of picking up stitches when you're done with that scarf you might try giving that a whirl. :)

(I'm your scarf swap partner from swap-bot, in case you're confused.)