Monday, February 26, 2007

Mom to the rescue

This is "my" mom we are talking about. She is a saint. After everyone being sick for several weeks I was exhausted. Dax and I are still not completely over it. Saturday morning Dax was crying and crying. This is so not like him. I noticed a red rash on his torso. We took him to the Doc in Edmond. He cried the whole way. They said he had a reaction to the antibiotic for his ear infection or a viral rash. My mom saw my distress, my SOS!lol Moms always do! And offered to keep both kids Sat night so David and I could get a full night sleep. Yay for Mom!! We picked up some grub and caught up on our DVR shows. I was too tired to even knit. Sunday we picked them up and stayed for a little while. My mother is a dream come true! I feel much better now.

I was going to go up to the YMCA this morning but Dax still has too much of a runny nose. He is not contagious but I still don't think it is wise to have him around all the other little ones. Instead I think I will go on a walk with him and Savy after lunch today. Savy will get to ride her scooter so I know she will be excited. Since I am not going to the Y this morning I am going to get some more studying done.

Still waiting to hear about Secret Pal 10. I hope I am in.

Don't worry mom. I know I have been tagged. Strangely I can not think of 10 weird things about me right now. This is odd because I know there are millions. Will post it later.

Friday, February 23, 2007

Sport sock

I just finished the first sport sock out of Cascase Fixation. Very funky! I love it!

Bath Time

I just had to post some pics of Savy helping give Dax a bath! She is such a great helper! He just loves his bath now that he is a little older. He even started fussing when David got him out!

Oh, I think our cat, Shadow, wanted to help too!
He was hiding inside the two shower curtains and peeking out periodically. I am sure he was deciding whether or not to jump in. He did jump in with Savy once. I don't think he liked getting wet all that much!

Well, they are both in bed. Time for a little vino, DVR, maybe a game.

First Test

Yay!! I made a 96 on my first test and 100 on my first pop quiz. I am so excited! Now I just have to keep it that way! I plan on doing quit a bit of studying this weekend. David and I are also going to rent some movies on Multiple Personality Disorder. Maybe Sybil or 3 Faces of Eve. I put down the the new knitting novel I am reading to read "When the Rabbit Howls". Waah! I was just getting into the other book. It starts out great! If you haven't read "The Friday Night Knitting Club" you should.

I plan on a nice relaxing weekend. I feel exhausted after running around this week with the cold Dax and I have had. I finally ran to the Dr yesterday for a power house decongestant. worked. I feel so much better today!

I am only 1 1/2 inches away from finishing my first sport sock. I will post a pic on my next blog. When I am done I am either going to start the interlac scarf I got from my scarf knit kit swap pal or make something out of the baby Alpaca I got from my Yarn Snobs unite pal.

Have a great day!

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

In a daze be so tired! I can not for the life of me figure out how my body functioned when I got up every two hours when my kids were first born. Unfortunately, Dax still gets up 1-2 times a night but David and I switch off. As a result, we usually get enough sleep. Last night was a whole different monster. Poor little thing is sick. He was crying all day yesterday. By the way, this is not like him at all. By last night he had 103 temp. Of course this came about right as we are leaving for the Campfire Bowling night. David went ahead and took Savy and then stopped at Target for some Tylenol so we could do the old switcharoo btwn tylenol & motrin. It did work..for awhile. The temp would go down then inveitable go back up. Needless to say, sleep was not in the cards. Well, I can't whine too much..I did get some sleep. David got up with him as well. I will take him to the doc this afternoon. I am sure he has an ear infection. I hate it...he is still so little. It is the hardest when the just feel crummy and do not know what is wrong! Atleast when we feel like crap we know why! Anyway, here is to hoping he gets well very soon.

I have class tonight. After I am going to the library to do research on my project. Multiple Personality Disorder. It is an interesting topic and I won't have any trouble finding a visual aid. I just dread the oral report. Oh..I hate it. I can already feel all the eyes on me. I always feel like such a goon. I think there are so many people who feel the same way. Unfortunately, that does not make me feel any better. I just hope the material I provide counteracts my nervousness. Only time will tell. I will also get my first test back. I hope I made the A I wanted.

Do not feel like taking the pic today but I will post a pic of the sport sock I am doing later. It is turning out kind of funky and I love it. I can't wait to finish them! They are sporty knee socks in Cascade fixation. Toe and 2 stripes at the top in a self striping orange & red. The foot & leg is black!

Mary is coming to clean today! What bliss! At this point I think I would go insane if I had to clean today.

Well, the day goes on and so does my haze!LOL

Tuesday, February 20, 2007


As a class assignment I am supposed to meditate. I did my best this morning to complete the task. Needless to say I found it extremely hard. With practice it might actually be beneficial. My mind kept wandering. Thinking about all the things I need to get done, relationships, family, and everything under the sun. I am supposed to do this 2 times. Maybe next time I will have more luck. I think I will try again after the kids go to bed tonight.

I still can not figure out why I can not get things from Quizilla to post on my blog. They are always distorted. I am going to try one more time. Maybe David can figure out what the problam is. It keeps saying a tag is not closed. Hmm..I am no where near computer literate enough to figure out what that means. So..if it works you will see something from Q. If won't. Have a great day!

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Monday, February 19, 2007

The day after

The day after the loved ones will know what that means!! Tired today. Thank goodness David was off work today for Pres Day. He let me take a long nap. That helped so much. Savy had dance tonight and had fun as always. Now both kids are tucked into bed. Time to relax.I think I will knit and watch TV..maybe the Lost episode we missed. I love that show.

Mell and Brian came this weekend and we took Savy bowling for the first time. She had a blast! I have only been bowling once in probably 10 years. We are going again tomorrow night with the Campfire kids. I think they will have great time. As you can see, I had a helper when I bowled. Oddly enough, I did better when Dax was "helping" me.LOL
We had Indian food Sat for lunch! I had forgotten how much I liked it. Sat night we played some games. We played spades which I haven't played since college. I miss them already! I am hoping we can get them to meet us at the cabin in Turner Falls maybe in April when it gets warmer. I can not wait for Savy to spend some time down there. David loved it as a child...actually, he still does. Oh, here is a pic of my beautiful sister and Dax.
Sorry but I have to share one more picture. This one is a perfect example of our little girl. Always the silly one.

Still have not decided what to do about "the storm". go or not to go face him. I am thinking NOT. Why waste time and energy. I have all the happiness I could ever deserve. I think that is what eats him up. He just can't stand for anyone to be happy. I feel sad for those kinds of people. It is a shame that he is one of them. Maybe some day I will finally realize that nothing can change it..and that I don't have to accept it.

Here is to tomorrow. And all the love I have!

Friday, February 16, 2007

After V-Day

I have to tell you that I have the best husband ever! I had class on Valentine's Day night. When I go home David and Savy had decorated the house for Valentine's Day! I was so suprised! What a great way to come home. Savy was so thrilled and had to stay up a little late to see my reaction. David also helped you send some Valentine emails to several family members, including myself. He also have me a sweater from Ban Rep that is so soft and a beautiful shirt from ATaylor. He is the best. Last night we went to The Haunted House Restaraunt for dinner. It is a neat little place tucked back in the trees. You feel like you are out in the middle of nowhere. Low lights, fire place going, candles, it was very romantic. Thanks Mom & Ron for watching the kids so we could have a romatic dinner!

Mell & Brian are coming in town tonight! I am so very excited. I miss them so much! I was their "third wheel" for so many years! Things change so much! I miss spending time with them. If only we all lived in the same place. Maybe someday. Until then, I will relish every visit!

Mom and I are going to try out Dream Dinners tonight! We have been to Super Suppers and Pass Your plate. We liked them both. Dream dinners seems to be quite a bit more expensive. We will see if the food is worth it. I do know one is so much nicer to have a good dinner to throw in the oven quickly on nights when we have campfire, dance, or class. I hate always having to make something like mac&cheese or sandwiches on those nights! Besides, I love getting to hang out with Mom. We both love to cook so we have a great time. is a pic of Savy and I right before Campfire. She insisted that I wear my hair in pony tails just like her so we could be twins. She is so sweet.

Have a great one..I know I will..if I can just keep this cold I have from getting any worse!

Monday, February 12, 2007

Merry Monday

Why do Mondays alwasy seem so crazy? You would think that after having all weekend to get things done that they would be the easiest. I forgot that Savy had to take her Valentine's to school this morning so with baby fussing and 10 min until time to take her to school I was filling them out & slapping on candy. Thank goodness she is such a great big sister. The entire time she sat with Dax and tried to keep him occupied! I am so proud of her. Dax is finally down for his nap so I ran around picking up a little then called to confirm my Doc appt for 1:00 today. We are going to miss the little gym trip due to the Dr appt...I hate that. Here is to hoping this is that last Doctor visit for a LONG time! I guess we will just see.

I called "the mom" to let her know that I have some more Campfire candy that was turned in. I can not believe she is not rushing over. Wants me to call her back tonight and let her know if I get more from my group after out Valentin's party. I will be glad when my distributing days are over.

Studied for a while last night. My fab husband quizzed me for the test Wed. I worry that it will be cancelled if the weather is correct. I would rather just go ahead and get the test over with. I hope to squeeze some more study time in tonight after Savy's dance class and getting everything ready for tomorrow night's V-Day party for Campfire. I am determined to make an A and nothing less. I will be so disappointed in myself if I do not make the grade!

Mom and I went to affair of the heart yesterday! I always have so much fun going with her. We made it through more buildings this time. The last 3 times we went I was either sick or very preggie! Afterwards we went on a Valentine's present hunt for Savy and babe. I think they will like everything. I am looking forward to our night out. Since I have class on V-Day we are going out Thursday night. Not sure where we are going to dinner. David is not telling! I am usually good at figuring stuff like that out but not this time. I guess I will just have to wait and be suprised.

Have not done much knitting. Did almost finish the first arm warmer for Emily. She wanted some fun fur at the edge but I ended up having to rip it out. The tension was too tight and the yarn has no stretch at at all. Not sure if I will try again or just go ahead a bind off as is.

Better go..still need to call a bunch of campfire parents and confirm what they are bringing to the party and how many people they invited.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Couple's night out

David and I went to our first couple's night out. The restaraunt was awesome! Brazil do Cafe downtown. The only bad thing is that we waited and waited for the other couples to arrive and I was pretty embarassed when we had to ask them to take the table for 10 down and just go ahead and order. After we were done eating a girl came up and asked if I was Amanda. They were already eating. Come to find out that 2 couples cancelled and she just forgot that we were coming. I was a little upset!!Things do happen and I really want to be involved in this group so I am going to try some of the other things. I just hope this is a one time thing! Despite all that, David and I had a great dinner and then got to spend some nice quiet time in the bookstore. I got a couple of knitting books that look pretty cool. We picked up the kids from the Y. When we got there Savy was sitting in the corner with a little boy named Conner. They were so funny. They were talking and laughing away! She is such a flirt even at 5. They kept yelling bye and flirting all the way out the door. They said Dax was awesome too. That is so good to hear! I always worry about leaving him anywhere but with mom. Savannah wanted to go back tomorrow. Of course they only have it 2 times a month. She gets to spend the night with MiMi and Poppy so now she doesn't care. She LOVES going to their house. Well, the kids are in bed and I am heading that way myself!

Friday, February 9, 2007 I said. Here is number 9 I think. I am excited about the MOM's group. This month I am going to the Little Gym play date next Monday. Recipee club and infant play date in a couple of weeks. Of course the couple's night out tonight! What a great way to meet other Moms. Maybe I can get some of them going to the Knitting Guild. We need some more young knitters in the group! I still need to figure out a way to email my blog to some people. This is the best way for me to download photos now. My comp kept locking up when I would try to download pics to kodak gallery. I used it forever...don't know what happened. Anyway, talked to my sis last night and she was giving me hell about not wanting to go back to the doc. I am just so tired of going. Have been having strange chest pains that no one can figure out. Had it in fall of 2005. It got real bad and I think I had reaction to steroids. Long story short, I got extremely ill. It went away during pregnancy and then came back again this last fall. Then my hair started coming out a few months ago. That was very upsetting. Fortunately you can't really tell. My hair is curly and just a lot thinner now so no one who doesn't really know me can tell. Of course I can. Oh well..enough about that tired subject. I am not incapable of functioning..just very annoying. Babe and I keep talking about reading each night before bed. It is the only chance I really get. I need to start. I miss it so much. We are enjoying playing games at night too. We have a lot going on and it is hard on the few nights we are home not to fall in out chair and turn on the boob tube. However, when we don't I have such a great time! I love him soo! Going to go do a few things I need to get done around the house!


Dax is down for his morning nap and Savy is at pre-k for a couple of ours so I decided to make a post. Babe and I decided to make a trip to the book store last night to browse and get a book for a swap he is in. It was a trip I do not want to repeat. We decided it is not best to take the baby and Savy with us. Dax was tired & started fussing. Savy was tired and arguing about what she wanted in the store. Of course everything she wanted had a toy attached & was approx $30. I finally got her to decide on a book light she can use in bed and on road trip. Of course when we got home the crazy thing didn't work! I don't know what I was thinking when I thought we could casually browse in the store! LOL I should know better. David picked out a great book for his swap. I know she will love it! Tonight we are going on a couple's night out dinner. I am excited! We do not know any young couples with kids so it will be fun. We are going with 4 other couples from the MOM's group I went to yesterday! Brazillian food..yummy! Of course I am always nervous about the kids staying anywhere but with my mom. Especially the baby. They are staying at the YMCA. I guess we will see how it goes. Another couple is taking their 2 yr old there as well. I hope Savy has a blast! Savy is staying with MiMi and Poppy Sat night. It is here weekly sleep over. She gets so upset if she doesn't get to stay with them once a week. She loves them so much! David is going to the hockey game that night so once I get Dax to sleep I will probably get some much needed studying done. I have my first test next week. This weekend I need to get some craft stuff for Campfire, V-Day stuff for Savy and Babe, and mom and I are going to Affair of the Heart on Sunday. I think it will be a fun weekend. My sister and brother-in-law are coming next weekend! I can't wait! I miss them so much! We watched Lost last night! I am so glad it is back on. We have been waiting and waiting. I love that show! I am going to make another post in a minute. I know this is crazy but I have to reach 10 before I can sign up for the secret pal 10. It is driving me crazy! I want to enter now.

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

After Class

I got back from class a little while ago. I am loving it. I know that sounds strange. Now that I am going back with no expectations or strings from anyone but myself, I am excited. It is going to take a long time to finish because I am only taking 1 class at a time right now. That is okay with me. My husband is so supportive. He doesn't mind the extra cost or taking care of Savy and Dax...dinner, bath, bedtime, the whole worx. I am very lucky. On the knitting front, I cast on Emily's arm warmers today at my mom's. I was having a hard time with the fun fur she wanted on the top but finally got through it. Will post a pic when I am further along. David just started a blog as well! I am excited....someone else (the comp) to complain about all his sports stuff! Atleast the comp won't daze out on him like me. I told him it is like me explaining a knitting project to him. He always acts interested but I know he isn't! We had a good time at Mom's today. She has some awesome pics of Dax looking at her fish tank on her blog. Check them out! We just hung out for about 3 hours. Savy didn't get a nap and started being a pill. That is usually the way it goes. She just has to have her naps. I feel bad getting on to her when she is obviously just exhausted but you know how it is. I can't let bad behavior go unnoticed! On a good note, David said she was awesome tonight. Two little things happened while I was away flexing my brain. Savy ate some spicy chips while David was not looking. I am sure that was interesting. She also decided to get into something else while taking a bath. I was lucky with this one for the second time. I will tell you the first story so you will understand. Once upon a time Savy had her first sleep over. Her best friend from across the street came to slumber(I soon found out that is what they never do). During their bath they decided to comb each other's hair with a bikini razor! I just about died when I brought them towels and saw tons of brown locks of hair floating in the tub. I was not looking forward to sending her friend home! Thank goodness when their hair was dry I could not even figure out where it all came from...and there was A LOT! We had a talk about how she is old enough to stay away from Mommy's stuff, that is was dangerous, they could have to go to school bald, etc...LOL Tonight Savy decided to perform a repeat. Again, we were lucky. Babe said he could not figure out where it came from. That little stinker. You never know what they are going to do! I am going to my first MOM's meeting in the morning. I am pretty excited! I have gotten several emails about things going on but I am going to wait until I go to the first meeting. They seem to have a lot of cool things to do. Babe mailed my swaps today. Just waiting for partners for the others. Once I have 10 posts I think I will sign up for the secret pal 10 also. Mom started a swap on swap bot. She has 11 participants already. Way to go Mom! Anyway, I guess I will go knit and fell glad to look around at a clean house and be thankful I did not have to clean it tonight!

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Back from Campfire

Well...lets try this again. I just finished a verrry long post and my crazy comp froze and I lost it all before I published it! BahHumBug! What a crazy day! I am the candy distributor for this area and I swear there is one mom pushing me to my limit. It seems so crazy to me for a parent to be so insane over campfire candy. I thought it was supposed to be a fun thing for the kids to do and to learn from. They can't possibly learn anything good when a parent is acting so silly! Oh well...some people are just nuts! The highlight of my day is leading the Campfire group. They are all 4 and 5 years old. Tonight they were making invitations and decorating for the Valentine's Day party they are throwing next week. They were soo excited! I just love leading the group. It reminds me why I am going back to school! Can't wait to be an elementary school teacher. It will take a while because all my previous college work was mainly legal. That is is all worth it! On the knitting front..I finished the Cascade fixation socks. I can't wait to start the toe down sport sock pattern I found for Cascade. First I need to start and finish some arm warmers for Emily. Yay...Mary is coming to clean in the morning! I love my husband for allowing me that luxury! He is a dream come true! Though sometimes I think he would rather pay than have me bugging him to help me clean something! LOL Since Mary will be here tomorrow we will head to Mom(MiMi)'s house. I love hanging out with her. Just wish it was more. I am so lucky..she is my best friend. I can tell her pretty much anything and we have the same hobbies too! She always laughs and says "Mirror mirror on the wall, you are becoming your mother after all"! I could only be so lucky! She has such a kind heart..the best person you could ever know! I have decided not to study tonight. Class is tomorrow night but I am ahead so far. Just hope I can keep it that way all semester. I am also excited about joining the MOM's group of Moore. My first meeting is Thursday morning. They have all kinds of stuff going on all week every week. They have play dates, craft days, book clubs, recipee clubs, mom's night out, and tons more. Maybe I can meet some new friends. Still don't have any here my age, much less with younds kids. Oh well..I have to say that it is better to have a few true friends far away than a bunch of semi-friends close by. Will try to post some pics. Got to go...I hear my phone ringing..I am sure it is Mom.

Well...the layout is a little strange. I will work on that. Those are some of the things I have knitted. Right now I am working on another pair of socks out of cascade fixation and a lacy sweater out of King Tut cotton. When I am done with the socks, I am going to do a pair of arm warmers for a friend in TX.

ok...I am going to try to put some knitting pics goes.
Just got Dax to sleep for his morning nap and decided to make a post and fill out my profile. If our cat, Shadow, lets me that is. He is driving me crazy trying to eat my cereal. I have never had a cat that begs as much as he does. He has been a begger from day 1. It does not help that I seem to be his main target when he is being a pill. Babe says it is because he loves me. Hmm...not quite sure about that. When he is tired he is so loving and the best cuddle buddy. Any other time he drives me nuts! Feel like there is so much to do today. We have campfire kids tonight so I need to get ready for that. I love being the leader for the kids. It is so much fun. A little work but they are worth it. Tonight we are planning and making decorations for our mini Valentine's Day Party. I still need to pick up a few things for a swap that needs to be mailed by Thursday. Babe is mailing the winter scarf kit swap for me today while at work. When we get home tonight I need to go over the Campfire candy stuff ( I am the area distributor) and get a deposit ready. Then I need to study some. I just started back to school. I am only taking one class on Wed nights right now. plate is full. Thank goodness I do have a lady come clean every other Wed morning. If not I think I would just go insane!! Oh well, the life and times of a new stay at home mommy. I swear it was easier when I worked. I didn't think I would ever say that but being a stay at home mom is harder than any other job I ever had! The grass is always greener on the other side though. Thank goodness my handsome hubby is so supportive and understanding about my daily battles. But don't think for a minute that I would change anything!! Being able to spend so much time with them is a blessing that not everyone can have. I will try to post a pic or two. We will see.

My first entry

This is my first entry on my new blog! Unfortunately, it came with great pains to my mother!! While trying to help me create an account she accidentally deleted hers!! I could have died. I feel horrible. Months worth of pictures and entries have vanished into thin air! I am praying that somehow she can get it all back. She even just signed up for a secret pal swap that requires you to have a blog...a set number of posts on it, etc... I hope this does not get her rejected from the swap. I am not sure how often I will get to post but I will do my best! I will post this now and see how it looks. SORRY MOM!!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!